What is The last 8%?

You face crucial moments when you must confront a very uncomfortable situation

Our research has found that most people do well at the first 92% of a decision, conversation or task like this, but in more difficult situations, when there is more on the line and things get emotional, most people either get paralyzed and avoid the Last 8% - the hard part - or they handle it in a way that has a negative impact; in other words, they make a mess of it.

In The Last 8% Academy you develop critical skills and courage to deal with life's most difficult moments.

Unlocking your last 8%

Your Last 8% situation might be dealing with underperformers on your team, giving feedback to your manager or having to give an important presentation.   If we lack the skills necessary to deal with these Last 8% situations, there is a cost to our careers, our lives and it leads to feelings of regret and shame, and a perpetual cycle of avoiding Last 8% moments.

How we show up in our Last 8% moments is what establishes our reputation and enables us to have the impact in the world that we want to have


When the emotional brain feels triggered by a Last 8% situation, it moves us to our fight or flight response – this is why it can feel ‘overwhelming’, like we are ‘drowning’ and why it feels like it will lead to a big ‘showdown’. When we avoid something that we know we really shouldn’t, it has two significant consequences: first to our external reputation but maybe, more importantly, our internal reputation.

When others see us avoiding or making a mess of last 8% situations, decisions or conversations, they start to lose confidence in our abilities and may not sure we’re up to the task of being given a mission critical project or an important promotion. Our internal reputation is essentially how we feel about ourselves. Avoiding or making a mess of a Last 8% situation, decision or conversation causes us a great deal of regret and shame.

Let's change this.

The Last 8% Academy
More effectiveness and personal power in just 6 weeks

Gain self-awareness, learn new strategies and transform how you handle Last 8% situations

Additional Tools of the Last 8%


Learn helpful tips and tricks from JP on how to boost your emotional intelligence and capabilities in confronting your Last 8%.


JP personally guides you through the Last 8% morning – a routine which integrates Movement (walking) + Mindfulness + Mental training.


The Last 8% blog revolves around teaching you the critical tools and skills you'll need to start your journey of the Last 8%, and keep it going.