What is
The Last 8%?

A revolutionary new system in learning and personal development.
Backed by science

Tested on Olympians, Astronauts and Leaders Under Pressure

Built to Help you thrive in your organization

By Managing your Emotions more Intelligently

For over two decades, Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry and his organization have been on a mission: to create a world where everyone manages emotions more intelligently

Why? Because mismanaged emotions are what gets in the way of the career and life we aspire for.

Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry has since worked with individuals in Fortune 500 companies to boost performance, increase productivity, excel under pressure and make a lasting impact with their work.

An individual can only truly excel in their organization through managing emotions more intelligently and facing what JP calls “last 8% moments” — the most challenging situations people tend to avoid.

Learning how to courageously and confidently step into those last 8% moments has been shown to be the number one differentiator for top performing individuals and organizations in the world. 


A cutting edge learning system adapted into a digital course format. 

This system extracts centuries of wisdom and 20 years of dedicated research to help you build skills of courage to face your most difficult moments, emotional intelligence to deepen your key relationships and develop the leadership skills you need to thrive in your organization. 

What makes the Last 8% Academy different from any other digital course is its emphasis on real transformation made possible by a highly interactive social learning component, which includes live classes and peer coaching*.

This is the next wave of cutting-edge learning that helps you go deeper and make learning more personalized. 

* Peer Coaching involves working one on one with another course participant; this individual, who is just like you, will play a key part in your Last 8% journey of self-discovery and growth.

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Which Personality Type are You in a Last 8% Situation? Take the Quiz!

You want to speak out, but it’s easier to choke down the words and exit quietly. And, once again, you’ve left the unsaid hanging in the air. 

If only you had the courage to say what you felt inside. 

If only you had given a hard “no” to that unnecessary request. 

If only you had confronted the employee who was letting the team down. 

These “if only” moments are your hardest challenges. And they are also your greatest opportunities. 

We call them the Last 8%. 

The Last 8% is when the going gets toughest. When the heat is turned up. When we are most exposed and vulnerable.

Most of us can take a difficult situation most of the way. But it’s in that final push when we start to feel the weight of the moment that we either fold under the pressure or we get reckless and make a mess. 

Which are you? Take our quiz to find out.

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